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Suggested other events and promotions for our guests – in cooperation with www.naherlebnis.de, we offer these special highlights:

"Lindelgrund" light railway museum

Visit the Lindelgrund light railway museum in Guldental, regional snack "Weck, Worscht, Wein" (bread roll, sausage and wine) and train journey of approx. 3 km.

Red wine at sunset

Romantic red wine tasting with cold game specialities in an evening setting at the "historic vineyard house" on the Kafel.

Themed menus
Menu with several courses accompanied by presentations.


  • A robber's menu – history and stories about Schinderhannes
  • A menu in 7 pranks – based loosely on Wilhelm Busch
  • A legendary menu – legends from the region
  • A magical menu – fairytales, also for adults
  • A fabulous menu – fables by La Fontaine
    ... further themes and proposals on request

"Schinderhannes" Adventure

From crime scene to crime scene – a criminal history tour lasting several days on the trail of the robber chief Johannes Bückler, who was executed in Mainz in 1803, with overnight stays in guest houses and vineyards - sometimes in a covered wagon drawn by a tractor.

The tour starts in Simmern with a visit to the prison tower and various talks, and focuses on original locations on the way to Hengsbacher Hof station in the North Palatinate Uplands – featuring wine and schnapps tastings with possible attacks along the way.

Walks and tractor journeys covering various subjects:

Nature, art and culture, history, wine, health.

During the tours: snacks and coffee breaks, surprises, in the evening - an evening meal or wine tasting at the wine grower's or with the huntsman at the hunting lodge.


"Casino Royal" evening event

Immerse yourself in the world of the British agent. If you have a good detective mind and skill, you will get to your goal quicker…

Find out more here: Casino Royal.pdf



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