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With the name "Fürstenhof" (prince's palace), the new Sympathie hotel harks back to the heyday of the "aristocratic spa resort" from the time when the baths were established in 1817 until 1918. Particularly in the years before 1914, Bad Kreuznach was one of the most well-known spa towns in Germany.

Only a few years after the construction of the first spa building, the "Englische Hof" (English court hotel) was created. It was located in a prime location opposite the spa building.
The hotel was first called the "Englischer Hof" or "Hotel Angleterre" for international visitors. This paid tribute to the fact that a great many English visitors came to the spa at Kreuznach. They were also responsible for renovating the dilapidated chancel of St. Paul's Church and constructing the "English Chapel" in the 19th century. It was only during the First World War that the "Englischer Hof" hotel was converted and renamed "Fürstenhof" – obviously for political reasons.

The Fürstenhof comprised three complete storeys plus an attic floor. The hotel building extended along a large part of Kurhausstraße, which now serves as a car park. This is why this car park is locally known as "Fürstenhofplatz". The hotel's façade was highly decorated, constructed with balconies and crowned by a tower.

During the First World War the spa fell victim to the military. Firstly, the military seized all hotels, including the Fürstenhof, for their main headquarters, from which the war with the allies was managed in 1918/1919.
After the war, French troops occupied the entire spa area. The Hotel Fürstenhof and Hotel Oranienhof did not survive this era. Both were demolished in the 1930s.

The gap was filled in 1955 when the new Rheumatism Clinic was built. The clinic, like the current Sympathie Hotel Fürstenhof, extended between Dr.-Alfons-Gamp-Straße (the name of the first chief physician) and the current open space opposite the spa building.

Just like Philipp Baum – who built the Englischer Hof Hotel – Monika and Gojko Loncar, the owners of the Sympathie Hotel, had the courage to build another great 4-star hotel on this spot.




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